The Four Oaks Development Team
Giorgio Borlenghi,  Lorenzo Borlenghi, Henry Beck (general contractor), and Cesar Pelli pose in front
of a Dallas lab after conducting wind and rain resistance testing on the Four Oaks curtain wall.
 Not pictured: Joe Colaco.

Giorgio Borlenghi

President and owner of Interfin Corporation, the real estate development company he founded in Houston in 1978. Trained as a structural engineer in his native Italy, Giorgio has provided much of the energy and vision for developing Houston's Galleria area and his crowning achievement, Four Oaks Place.

Lorenzo Borlenghi

Father of Giorgio Borlenghi and the patriarch of his family's real estate development dynasty. With over 40 years experience in complex real estate development, Lorenzo had a keen sense of design and construction and a hands-on involvement in Four-Leaf Towers and Four Oaks Place.

Cesar Pelli model of Four Oaks Place

Cesar Pelli, FAIA

Internationally-acclaimed architect and former Dean of the School of Architecture at Yale University, who was commissioned to design Four Oaks Place. A native of Argentina, Cesar has received over 100 awards for design excellence, including the American Institute of Architects' Gold Medal, recognizing a lifetime of achievement. He was selected one of the10 most influential living architects i n 1991.

Joseph Colaco, Ph.D.

A highly-regarded structural engineer known as the industry's "tall building specialist," he was recruited by the Borlenghi family to design the concrete structure for Four Oaks Place and Four Leaf Towers. In Houston, Joe had previously provided structural engineering on One Shell Plaza, Pennzoil Place and Williams Tower. He has additionally worked on 25 of the 100 tallest buildings in the United States, and has proven that the technology exists to build a mile-high building.